The Other House Hotel

The Other House Hotel stands as the newest addition in The Other House portfolio, assuring an extraordinary stay through its distinctive club flats, rooftop bar, bistro, restaurant, gym, and wellness center, all seamlessly integrated within the dynamic surroundings of Covent Garden. Orlight's contribution to this exceptional establishment encompasses a comprehensive lighting solution catering to the front-of-house areas, guestrooms, back-of-house facilities, and corridors. Among the notable products supplied are the innovative DIABLO LED engines, the ORL009 - an adjustable anti-glare downlight, the designer refined IP44 Pillar Wall Light- CAPELLA, in addition to a range of other sophisticated lighting solutions. Our expertise has not only enhanced the visual allure of The Other House Hotel but also ensured an ambiance of luxury, comfort, and functionality for patrons, further elevating their experiential journey within this splendid Covent Garden destination.