Orlight is proud to announce that it is now one of a select few companies within the construction sector to be awarded FORS Gold Accreditation - the pinnacle of endorsements in regards to the quality of Orlight’s operation which oversees a growing fleet of 24 vehicles. The FORS scheme reassures clients that Orlight is a high performing, forward thinking operator, which is constantly striving to become a safer, greener, and more efficient Source to Site service provider.

The rigorous requirements to accomplish this accreditation include professionally trained drivers and logistical management to an exceptional standard, backed up with documentation to ensure complete accountability.

FORS has provided both training and tools that have improved Orlight’s policies and procedures. The performance management toolkit has helped the company set targets in order to reduce its carbon footprint while improving its MPG.

Gaining FORS Gold Accreditation shows how dedicated Orlight is as a company to raising road safety and delivery standards. The company will continue working at FORS’ highest standard to help make the roads safer for everyone who uses them, while continuing to provide an elite, informative service from its distribution facilities.