Orlight has invested in a high accuracy test facility to measure LED performance. As a testament to quality and service Orlight will soon be able to offer clients dedicated light output reports per batch or order. We aim to offer unparalled product performance. Our state-of-the-art test equipment will provide clients with performance parameters such as consumption, luminous flux, colour temperature, colour rendering and efficacy.

Orlight shall aim to test to the Illuminating Engineering Society LM79 standards which the U.S. Department of Energy described as an ‘Approved Method for the Electrical and Photometric Testing of Solid-State Lighting Devices Specifies a standard test method for measuring the photometric properties of SSL devices, allowing calculation of luminaire efficacy.’

Performance Factors Tested:

  • Lumenous Flux (Lumens)
  • Power Consumption (Watts)
  • Efficacy (Lumens per Watt)
  • Colour Rendering (CRI)
  • Colour Temperature (Kelvin)