Combine the height, power and efficiency advantages of our new Divino and Diablo engines and retain retrofit flexibility!

Designed to work across our entire downlight range, ensuring your scheme is future proofed, the Divino engine runs at 12V incorporating the CREE MKR chipset and is ideal for Flawless DALI dimming.

The Diablo incorporates the more powerful 36V CREE 1512 chipset to deliver more power and Flawless Leading/Trailing edge dimming.

The Divino & Diablo engines are available in 4 high CRI Colour temperatures: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K and feature changeable bezels in both black or white finishes, as well as changeable beam angle options which are available with 15°/35°/55° optics.

The Divino and Diablo are available in 3 height configurations: 25mm 4W Nano, 35mm 6W Micro and 45mm 8W Mini, offering up to 700 lumens for the Divino Mini and 850 Lumens for the Diablo Mini.