Starting from 2013 Halogen Bulbs will be banned throughout the European Union following the same legislation from 2008 that saw the phase out of the 100W bulb, Frosted Style bulbs, 60W bulbs & Incandescent bulb. Soon after Compact Fluorescents Lamps (CFL's) became increasingly popular despite their relative inefficiency and poor light output. However the quick adoption of CFL's may increase risks to health as they contain amounts of mercury within the glass tubing. Whilst government initiatives to implement energy saving lighting to reduce carbon emissions and the impact on the environment is a step in the right direction, it comes as a big blow to halogen manufacturers and distribution companies.

Government initiatives should have also placed more pressure and emphasis on bringing awareness and promoting the usage of more efficient alternatives such as LED Lighting. Whilst LED Lighting is more expensive the technology is constantly improving every year driving down production costs not to mention offering a lot more benefits than alternative lighting. The power consumption is far less compared with CFL's whilst achieving a greater light output and produce much lower carbon dioxide emissions.

The ban on Halogen bulbs will hit households and commercial properties harder having to switch to either LED or CFL's lighting. It will take a while for people to adapt to the changes but in the end the switch is necessary and will in the long-term reduce carbon emissions. Whilst the initial costs of switching over will be high it will ultimately reduce rising costs in electricity bills and re-lamping/maintenance costs.