Orlight is proud to announce the latest addition of the Ezential Turbo to its Ezential series of commercial downlights. The Ezential Turbo is ideal for applications such as entrance areas, lift lobbies, atriums, meeting areas, corridors and areas with high ceilings where exceptional light outputs are required.

The original Ezential181 and Ezential231 downlights were designed to be the perfect retrofit solution when replacing standard CFL type downlights. The 26W Ezential 231 gives light output of up to 2300 lumens.  With the introduction of the 50W Ezential Turbo, impressive light output of up to 4800 lumens is now achievable.

The Ezential Turbo features a high performance CREE chipset and is available in 35W and 50W versions in 3000K, 4000K and 5000K, achieving efficiencies of up 96 Lumens/Watt. This powerful luminaire features flawless dimming capability across leading/trailing edge, 0-10V protocol and DALI.