Business As Usual

As you are aware, we will be entering into a new lockdown on 5th November 2020 with stricter measures coming into place.
Despite this, however, the government have advised that construction and manufacturing industries are to continue working. Therefore, we can confirm we will be remaining fully operational during this time and continuing to service your lighting needs.
We will, however, maintain a vigilant watch and advise if anything changes.
We have taken the additional steps to ensure our operations are ‘COVID-secure’ and our teams are working in a safe environment.
We understand these are testing times for everyone as we approach another nationwide lockdown but we would like to take the opportunity to encourage everyone to follow the guidelines as set out to protect the safety of all involved. We wish the best of health to our customers, partners, the general public as a whole and we hope to see you all very soon.
If you would like further information on how we’re keeping COVID-secure in this time, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Stay Safe,
Wilson Mendes