Orlight is pleased to announce the lease acquisition for a second location on London's famous Kings Road. The new showroom will accommodate the Orlight Special Projects Division, which will focus on the design and supply of both lighting and smart home solutions to London’s most prestigious residential areas.

With a dedicated in-house team committed to excellence in all aspects of lighting and smart home solutions, Orlight Special Projects is confident of exceeding expectations for the most discerning of clients whilst delivering incredible value.

Wilson Mendes, Orlight’s Operations Director, said: “In order to succeed, companies need to grow. Since the very beginning, Orlight has continued to demonstrate impressive growth; from product offerings to research and development, the company has maintained its forward momentum.
This growth has enabled Orlight to be both innovative and creative whilst providing cutting-edge solutions for a rapidly changing market. Our new location, on the affluent Kings Road, will serve as a focal point for the retail division of the business.We believe this signals our commitment to growth in the years to come.”

Situl Jetha, Orlight’s Design Director, added: “The launch of Orlight Special Projects at its new standalone flagship showroom, will mark the beginning of a future chain of stores unfolding across the UK. Catering to local Interior designers, architects and end users, the showroom will showcase our vast lighting and brand new Orcomm smart home range at competitive prices, yet not compromising on the quality.”

The showroom is due to open in the summer of 2017.