Orlight's DB-R999 Engine Range Receives Commendation

Orlight is honored to be commended for Architectural Luminaire Interior by Lighting Design Awards 2019. Orlight is grateful for the recognition we have received for our engine product range.

The DB-R999 engine range is available in three outputs 6W, 8W, 13W, each of which has 2700K, 3000K, and 4000K options. When developing the R999 our primary goal was to create an LED engine with the best light quality on the market, balanced with an efficacy that made it sustainable solution for a wide range of situations. We believe that we achieved our objective by developing and engine that has both a CRI of 98 with an R9 of over 93 and an efficacy of up 113lm/W. The DB-R999 engine package is built to be compatible with a 50mm halogen lamp, so can be used as a retrofit solution or can be used with any downlight that would be compatible with an MR16 or GU10 lamp. The DB6-R999 is only 26mm tall and at over 500 lumens is a direct replacement of traditional domestic halogen lamp. At 65mm tall the 1400 lumen DB13 engine is still suitable for shallow ceiling voids.

The engine is also upgradable separately to the downlight and can be replaces without having to change a whole fixture, making it a very sustainable option as a whole fitting does not need to be replaced if there are any failures or during future refurbishments. The engine has a range of site changeable optics providing further options to the client through the life of the project.

As well as developing the lamp we also developed the mains dimmable driver for these lamps and as a package it is capable of dimming to less than 2% of light output with a standard wall dimmer.