NEW Advanced Tracklights from Orlight

Featured this month are Orlight’s two new advanced track lights which truly reflect the high quality of design and engineering to be found within the product range. Giacomo Cinti, Orlight’s product design manager is very pleased with the result of his teams many hours of deliberation and careful sampling.

The initial concept was Inspired by futuristic yet minimal forms and combines carefully considered and calculated thermal management to ensure a safe touch temperature to make those everyday adjustments that are needed with track lighting.

The design is compact and composed primarily of precision turned materials which ensures a top quality build finish and stylish aesthetic.

The fittings house a CREE CXA 1512 Chipset, a high quality chipset ensuring that colour binning available up to two step Macadam Ellipse is consistent and with TM21 Projection for chip lifetimes in excess of 50,000 hours at L70. Considering their small size, the fitting also house integral drivers.

There are currently 2 options in the range encompassing both 3000k and 4000K, the 15W producing 1500 lumens and the 35W producing 3500 lumens with both fittings being 240V dimmable.

Further variation to the fitting can be gained when you consider the optic, each fitting has a boxed optional 24, 38 and 60-degree beam angle optic that can further enhance the fitting allowing for complete customisation for the end user.

Complete versatility is provided as the fittings fully rotate and tilt to 60 degrees with position on the track easily enabled by the loading & removing from the track via the integral adapter.

Precision and versatility are the predetermining requirements for this product and the Orlight Tracklight Range offers this to end users bowing down to every single design requirement sought!