ORLTE6012 - Tech Enhanced - Standard

IP65 Rated LED Strip featuring LED SMD ChipSet & Cut points every 50mm. Stringent chip selection to maintain colour selection and consistency. 3M adhesive backing for ease of installation. The product features a heavier Orlight 2OZ copper board allowing for greater heat dissipation and longevity. The unit also incorporates a higher purity epoxy IP65 coating with enhanced optical properties. Bespoke lengths as per request. Supplied with appropriate 12V constant voltage IP67 inline driver. Solid State LED With Plug & Play Connection.


2200K - Enhanced LED Strip - 4.8W/M - 290lm/M
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2400K - Enhanced LED Strip - 4.8W/M - 320lm/M
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2700K - Enhanced LED Strip - 4.8W/M - 340lm/M
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3200K - Enhanced LED Strip - 4.8W/M - 350lm/M
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4000K - Enhanced LED Strip - 4.8W/M - 370lm/M
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6500K - Enhanced LED Strip - 4.8W/M - 375lm/M
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